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About Penn Services

Buying and selling small businesses

Our business is built on confidentiality - it is what our clients value the most.

Unlike many others, we don't use faceless algorithms to make the match. We get to know our client and what makes them unique.

Discreet enquiries and our 'Little Black Book' of businesses and investors enable you access to a whole new level of service and opportunity. Even secured and unsecured finance.

Are you looking to buy or sell your business? Contact our team at Penn Services today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Proudly, part of Penn Group of Companies.



Finding Your Business the Perfect Match

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Buying and selling Law Firms

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Buying and selling Mortgage Companies

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Buying and selling Financial Practices

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What You Need to Know


Will You Keep My Details Confidential?

For business buyers and sellers equally - confidentiality is everything. 

We get that.

We are Solicitors, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers ourselves. We already "do" confidentiality all day every day. We KNOW what it means.

We will always ensure that your affairs remain confidential. End of. 

Why Choose Penn Services?

Penn Services is part of the Penn Group of Companies, which comprises fully regulated Solicitors, Accountants and Mortgages brokers.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of discretion to our clients during the period of finding the perfect fit.  

We know how to sell your business or acquire one for you because we are just like you.

Why do you focus services for niche companies? Mergers and Acquisitions?

Penn Services is a specialist in buying and selling law firms, accounting practices, mortgage companies and financial services.  We deal with sales, mergers and acquisitions for all of the above. 

We understand law, accountancy and financial services as we are regulated by them ourselves in our sister companies.

We like to stick what we are good at and what we know. 

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13 Austin Friars

0800 073 73 76

(Or contact Shak Inayat privately and personally on 075 38 37 38 38)

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